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  • Tasty and easy solutions for your menu

    Looking for an easy to-prepare plantbased burger for your menu? Or some plantbased snacks? Search no further!

  • Extra (plantbased) sales

    From functional drinks to delicious chocolate, we got it. Nothing easier to service more customers and sell a little bit extra.

  • Baking / cooking ingredients

    Looking for an ingredient for your cake? Or want to veganize your sauce? Let us know, we can help you!

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We help plant-based & drinks brands find the right distribution

Getting distribution is hard work, knocking on doors and hoping they will open. We know the market and we know the buyers. We can help you with:

  • doing your sales, so you can focus on creating great products and/or building your brand
  • getting you or your product in front of buyers
  • our own warehouse and logistics for ambient, chilled and frozen

Send us an email if you want to know more.

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Create beautiful foamy cocktails

The best patented aquafaba out there. Specially made for cocktails. Always the same quality, always the same stable foam your customer wants.

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Ombar: Oat M*lk Chocolate

Ombar Oat M’lk was born from a desire to have a positive impact in the face of the immense challenges of climate change and environmental collapse. Ombar is a small chocolate company with a desire to make a big difference; and they believe that small actions can add up to a big impact. So let’s start with chocolate!

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New: Lazipop

A truly functional drink that supports getting lazy. Lazy? Yes lazy. Lazy helps you relieve stress, gives you more headspace and improve your wellbeing.

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