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  • Holds foam

  • 9 months shelf life

  • Improves flavour

  • Removes an allergen

  • Neutral flavor profile

  • Shake & pour

OGGS is brilliant for cocktails. It foams like no other. Holds firm and better handling than eggs.

OGGS has been developed by two universities and several food scientists. It is specially made for improving baking, sauces and cocktails.

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We love to help you! We can send you a sample with several recipes. Let's us know. We even have our food scientists and mixologist to help you with your recipes.

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Need more evidence? We have the data to proof it.

For every 1L carton of OGGS®Aquafaba you use:

  • 20 eggs saved
  • 20.4kg of CO2 saved
  • 4 chickens given the week off
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Step by step

With OGGS you not only improve your product, you also make the world a bit better. In an easy way.