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  • Whips & foams like egg

  • Emulsifies & bakes

  • Removes an allergen

  • 9 months shelf life

  • Neutral flavor profile

Use OGGS for longer shelf life, CO2 reduction and easier handling than eggs.

OGGS has been developed by two universities and several food scientists. It is specially made for improving baking, sauces and cocktails.

  • Extend shelf life

    Using OGGS® Aquafaba can extend shelf life by up to 50%.

  • Reduce calories and fat

    96% less saturated fat86% fewer calories than eggs

  • Reduce carbon (CO2) emissions

    OGGS® Aquafaba produces over 80% less CO2e than egg

Want a free test sample and/or help with recipes?

We love to help you! We can send you a sample with several recipes for cake, muffins or even a sauce. Let's know. We even have our food scientists and vegan chef to help you with your recipes.

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Need more evidence? We have the data to proof it.

  • In a double blind trial, 100% egg brownies were tasted alongside brownies with 80% egg, 20% Aquafaba.
  • Respondents were asked to choose the best brownie.
  • 20% less cocoa and chocolate is needed in the Aquafaba brownies
  • Creating a 6% reduction in overall costs and 11% decrease in CO2e emissions
  • Of 83 respondents, even professional food tasters couldn’t tell the difference
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Step by step

With OGGS you not only improve your product, you also make the world a bit better. In an easy way.

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