What we do

We have more than 50 years of experience in Food & Non Food in Consumer Packaged Goods. We focus on connecting completely plant-based / organic brands to buyers. We know the trends, we know the buyers and know what sells.

We help sustainable brands find the right distribution

We know. We have been there. You have a fantastic product which you adore. Either you are a non-Benelux company and/or sales isn't your strongest asset. Creating distribution is hard work, knocking on doors and hoping they will open. We know the market and we know the buyers. We can help you with:

  • being your distributor in the Benelux

  • doing your sales, so you can focus on creating great products and/or building your brand

  • getting you or your product in front of buyers

We help buyers and category managers find the right products

We know you are busy managing your category, you get send several products everyday and that you see the need to add at least one sustainable alternative to your category. We help you with:

  • Real insights into the trends, new products and possible options.

  • Do a targeted search and / scan for you of the market

  • Make a shortlist of possible brands and connect you.